Hefner - We Love The City


Yellow vinyl, reissue available on 11th March 2022.

We Love the City was Hefner's commercial and creative peak. Having cleared a large backlog of songs on the band's first two albums and various b-sides, for their third Darren Hayman wrote a new set of loosely themed songs about love in the capital city. We Love the City eschews the band's former broken indie-folk sound in favour of a bouncy, urban, blue-eyed soul and an expanded line up including hammond organs, wurlitzer pianos and brass sections. Songs like 'Greedy Ugly People', 'Good Fruit', 'Painting and Kissing' and 'The Day that Thatcher Dies' are typical examples of the direct, infectious, intelligent style that endeared Hefner to so many. The album's narrative is conceptual and played out by a retinue of vividly drawn characters, but at heart this is Hayman's most personal and focussed work.

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